Alma 29:9

Alma 29:9 I know that which the Lord hath commanded me, and I glory in it. I do not glory of myself, but I glory in that which the Lord hath commanded me; yea, and this is my glory, that perhaps I may be an instrument in the hands of God to bring some soul to repentance; and this is my joy.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Tegucigalpa Honduras Temple

The First Presidency announced a temple for Honduras' largest and capital city of Tegucigalpa in a letter dated June 9, 2006. The Honduran members received the news at the hand of Central America Area President Spencer V. Jones of the Seventy, who was visiting the country on June 18. The Tegucigalpa Honduras Temple is Honduras' first. Area members, who have had to travel 12 hours to the Guatemala City Guatemala Temple, are delighted with the news, as temple trips come at a great cost for many. The First Presidency added its confidence that "this will be a blessing to the many faithful saints in this and surrounding areas who have had to travel long distances to enjoy the blessings of the temple.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Wendy's Baptism

July 16th letter

Hey Everyone,

We got changes Wednesday. I have a new companion here in Valencia. His name
is Elder Hernandez, he´s from Mexico and he has 6 months. He doesn´t know
any English which will force me to work on my Spanish, which I didn´t think
that I needed until he became my companion. But he also wants to learn
English so I´m going to have to help him out a little with his studies.

Last week there was a Hermana (a sister missionary) that was leaving the mission, 
and she had done everything in the mission that she had wanted except have a
musical devotional. So she organized it and we had it. It was a very spiritual
experience to see the other missionaries get up and share their musical talents.

While I was at the devotional I got to see the elders that are now serving in my first
area. I got to talking to them about my converts so here is the update.
Senaida is still living with her member boyfriend. They have no plans of
getting married.  But they are both still going to church.
Onny and Dariela, have apparently gone inactive.
Allan is active when he is in town.
Vanessa continues to go to church as far as I understood.
Armando had been sober for a year, and then apparently started drinking again.
Alejandra is still going strong. Her mom, Rosmary, still goes with her although
she can not get baptized because her boyfriend doesn't want to get married.
Some sad stuff.

Thursday we had interviews with President at the stake center. My companion
and I were scheduled last so we showed up at 12:20 for our 12:30 interviews
and there were still 4 Elders in front of us. At 1:00 it was our turn and then president
told us that he had another meeting so we would go with him and wait. We went to
the mission office and waited until 2:00 when his meeting actually started, and
then it went on and on and on until 5:30 when we finally got in. It was so boring
because we were just stuck in the mission office waiting. And then as always my
interview took about 5 to 10 minutes. I could have just emailed him all that on Pday.

Carlos is still being difficult. I don´t think that he really wants to get baptized, but
he won´t admit that he doesn´t want to. We passed by Friday night and committed
him to go to church, we passed by his house Sunday morning and he wasn´t there,
and he never showed up to church.

Saturday we met with an investigator that Elder Harrington and I had given
up on. She was as tough as ever, the funny thing is she admitted in the
lesson that she knew that the bible was incomplete, but she would not
accept that there are any other books that are the word of God. It was
super frustrating!

It´s pretty cool, we have a pioneer of Honduras living in our ward. She was
I think the 9th person in Honduras to be baptized. She has a alot of stories to tell.
I´m sure there are more that we haven´t gotten around to meeting yet.

That´s it for this week.

Elder Stone

Thursday, May 31, 2012

May 28th letter

Hey Everyone,

So we have hit the last week of the change.  (They are every 6 weeks.)  These last 6 weeks with Elder Harrington have flown by, I can´t believe how much time has passed.  Since we haven´t had too much success we could see that one of us gets transferred this  Wednesday. We´ll find out about that Tuesday. But I also wouldn´t be surprised if we had another change together. There are going to be a lot of changes in this zone.  One of the zone leaders finishes his mission, and so do three district leaders, and I think there are one or two others as well. There is a huge group leaving the mission and there will be a lot of changes.

We really only have one investigator that is progressing well.  His name is Carlos, he has been dating a member for 9 years, and she said if he wanted to get married he had to be baptized.  So we found him, talked to him, and found out that he wants to be baptized and he is almost ready . He only needs to go to church with us a couple of times.  We have a baptismal date for the 16th of June, hopefully all turns out well with that and hopefully both Elder Harrington and I will be here to see it all go through.

The members still realize that we need help so we´ve received some referrals from them.  Not many of them have been very positive, but we still have some on the way.  But the beauty of the referrals is that the investigator immediately has a friend in the church.

Thanks for all your love and support,

Elder Stone

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

May 21st letter

Hey Everyone,

Well I have to say that the last couple of weeks have probably been some of the hardest weeks of the mission. We are not having a ton of success, the work is moving slowly. It seems odd to me that me and Elder Harrington were paired together as a companionship, because neither of us are that great at spanish, and we both have less than a year in the mission.

We do have one piece of exciting news. We got a referral from a member and it turns out this guy wants to marry a member. The catch is the member said he needs to be baptized first. He has already received all the lessons from other missionaries and he wants to be baptized.  So the only thing is we have to get him to church.  Last week was Mothers Day so he went to visit his mom. Yesterday he went to Danli, I´m not sure why. So if we can just get him to church he´ll be ready for baptism.

Tuesday we had a Zone Conference with Elder Falabella of the 70.  He did kind of a Q & A, and he would expound and expound and expound on his answers.  But the thing I took most out of it was he talked about the success of the missionaries from the Book of Mormon. We know that some baptized thousands.  Then we read some verses in Alma where it talks about how Ammon used his converts to convert others. So we just need to focus on working with members more. We have been working with them but I realized how important they are.  Yesterday there were two members that walked up to us at church and told us that they have a referral for us. That was really exciting.  These members really do want to help.  We just need to give them the opportunity.

Yesterday I felt kind of bad, we were sitting in Preisthood meeting and our teacher never showed up.  Now in the old days (if you are a teenager) your saying "Awesome no class today." and take off... or at least that is what me and a bunch of other young men would be thinking.  But as a missionary I was sitting there and getting really nervous and anxious.  There were about 10 grown men in the class and not one of them wanted to take charge.  I thought that it was going to be thrown on to us, but the members know we have enough as is so none of them bothered asking us go up.  After about 10 minutes of just talking someone finally stood up and started leading a discussion.  I felt kind of bad for not stepping up, but I don´t feel like I have the ability yet to just choose a subject and give a lesson on the spot to Priesthood holders. That goes to show where I have room for improvement.

Thanks for all the support, your prayers are felt.

Elder Stone

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

May 14th letter

So just a quick note for this week, let me begin by sharing a funny story that happened to me...  It was either this week or last week, we went to contact a referral from someone in the ward. The custom to greet people is a kiss on the cheek. So the member kissed the investigator and passed into the house.  Then it was my turn and she went in to kiss me on the cheek.  I had no idea what to do... so I took a step back and stuck out my hand.  But she went in a little more. So I leaned back a little more. Turns out I just ended up giving her an awkward hand shake and as I passed I said, "we do it a little differently".  Well at the end of the lesson my comp tried to apologize for me cause he felt like it was a big deal, and I don´t think that she understood, because she started talking about something completely different.

President & Sister Hernandez, Elder Lopez and me

Home Sweet Home

Mission Pictures


Onny and Dariela, two of my converts

  Michelle and Christa, granddaughters of our cook

April 23rd letter

So as you may already know, I have received my first transfer.  The Saturday before I left we had two baptisms. Alejandra (the daughter of Rosmary) and Armando. It was an amazing way to finish a change.

I´m in the city now opening an area. Zone Guayamuras, Area Valencia.  We don't know anything about the area really.  Thursday and Friday the ward mission leader took us out for a couple of hours and showed us where some of the leaders and other members live, they are going to be a huge help to us.

Thursday we were out contacting and we found a new investigator. We taught her that night and she asked us to come back the next day. We left her a pamphlet and when we showed up Friday she had read it all and answered all the questions.  Elder Harrington and I were amazed because niether of us had seen that happen before. She does have a Catholic background which is going to be a stumbling block, but I honestly think that we can get past it. We are going to be dependent on the members for awhile, because we still don't know all of our area yet.

My new companion is Elder Harrington, he is from Las Vegas and has a change less than me. So it was kind of interesting that President put us in the area together, especially since we have a ton of Spanish to learn.

Saturday we had a service project set up by President Hernandez. We moved medical equipment for a charity that focuses on dental work, but also does other medical stuff, mostly for prospective missionaries. They are heading over to work in Guatemala. It was cool to be apart of the experience.  We had the whole zone there for a project that only required about 6 people.

That's all for this week, thanks for the prayers and support.

Elder Stone

Saturday, April 14, 2012

April 9th letter

Something kind of interesting about Easter here in Latin America, rather than just celebrating Easter, they celebrate the whole week leading up to it.  They call it "La Semana Santa" or "The Holy Week".  Everyone gets work and school off. On TV they only show biblical movies basically.  Most of the people ended up spending their days at the river to cool off, and a lot of men spent it drunk. They celebrate extra on "The Holy Friday"and just remember Sunday as the day of the Resurrection. It's pretty interesting.

I'm getting transferred the 18th!  It's official, we had interviews with President and he told me "I think it is time that you leave this area elder".  Kind of exciting, but it feels like I'm going to have to start the mission over.  I've lived here so long I've gotten used to the routine.

Armando and Alejandra are going to be baptized this Saturday! And with my getting transferred the 18th it will be great to finish this change with two baptisms!

Our church attendance has been dropping and it really worries me. We only had 39 last Sunday.

My convert Senaida is living with her exboyfriend again, who is also a member. They don't have any plans to get married, shoot.

That's it for this week.

April 2nd letter

Hey Everyone!

Can I just say that conference was awesome! I have come to really enjoy it and look forward to it. And guess what, I only have 2 general conferences left in the mission! Time has flown by!  I also noticed there was a huge theme on families. Which is very fitting since my mission has recently been focusing on finding families. We were really fortunate, because we had to go to the Villa of SF to
watch it, and we were waiting for the bus which didn´t arrive until 9:30, and it´s a half hour drive to the Villa. Luckily we only missed
a little. We did however have a power outage during the majority of Elder Oak´s talk. That kind of stunk, but I´m very grateful for the Liahona. We were all stuffed into a little office to watch it in english and it was so hot because the room was only about 10 by 15 and there were 5 elders. But we survived and I learned alot.

This week has been awesome. Tuesday night I got the feeling that we should visit Armando, even though we didn´t have it planned. So we went and talked to him. He ended up explaining that he wanted to be baptized, but felt like someone should have some sort of authority. So we explained about the Priesthood and he accepted a Baptismal date of April 14th. I have a ton of hope for him because he also showed up to conference even though we said we would be there all day. The branch ended up leaving after the Sunday Morning session, but we were able to catch a ride with some other elders. Anyway Armando is super positive and I´m almost positive I´ll be ending this change with a baptism!

Thursday after the District meeting we went to Hna. Melba´s house and had gringas. They were really good, but super greasy. After that we went on divisions with the Zone Leaders. I stayed in my area with Elder Adams. It was really cool just to be able to talk without having a barrier with the language. There were however a couple of kids that tried to hit us with rocks, but besides that it was awesome.

Friday we went to Pataste again. It´s like a half hour out of Ojo de Agua. We went on divisions with some members there and contacted the majority of houses. I challenged a family to baptism and they said yes, but they never showed up for church, so we are going to have to work alot with them. Plus I met some other people and taught them basically all on my own. It was a good experience and showed me what I need to work on as a teacher.

Saturday and Sunday we had Conference! It was so awesome and I learned so much!  Rosmary and Alejandra also showed up for Conference on Sunday.  They are super positive, but Rosmary still isn´t married. So her boyfriend is coming home this week from work, so hopefully we´ll be able to talk to him and help him either realize that he should do it for Rosmary. We´ll see how that all plays out!

This week has been great!  Thanks for all your support!

Elder Stone

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Late posting for March 5th email!

Hey Everyone!

It's official, I've finally hit my 6 month mark! 1/4 of the way finished

So we're here in Tegucigalpa again. Last week we went to the dentist for
Elder Flores, but were about an hour late for the appointment, so we set up
another appointment for today. While we were there I was trying to occupy
the time by reading, when a dentist from the other room walked in and asked
"Do you have the matches?" I looked up in surprise and saw a patient in his
room. How do these dentists work here? Plus after reading for a while I
looked up again and saw a fire behind Elder Flores' head! I thought that
his head was on fire, but it turned out there was a burner on behind him,
I guess here they still heat their tools to sterilize them.

Last week we came here we went to Little Caesars and two kids came in. One
was a boy about 10 years old and his 7 year old sister. He started doing
like a salesman type pitch, saying oh look at this hungry little girl. You
can afford to give her just one slice of pizza. I felt bad, but it's a
mission rule not to give out food or money. But Elder Flores felt
really bad for them so he offered half a bag of crazy bread, and the kid
rejected it! He walked up to the counter and bought his own crazy bread and
walked out.

Margarita is very difficult to teach right now. She is attending college,
and she has night classes Mon-Fri starting about 4 so we have to teach her
before 3. If we ever go before 3 she is usually studying. Apparently
she intends on being the top in her class, which is great for her and her
commitment to school, but hard for us to teach her. We have only taught her
about two times in the last two weeks. But if we ever have time to teach
her, she is very accepting and believing.

We also met someone new named Norma. We've only been able to teach her
once. She has two kids and lives with her husband (or boyfriend, I haven't
figured it out yet) we taught her the other day and I felt like it was
one of the best lessons Elder Flores and I have had. The spirit was really
strong, and she was really receptive to our message. So we went on
divisions yesterday and Elder Flores and President Beto taught her again
and said everything was going great.

Our last investigator is probably the best. In divisions E. Flores and
Pres. Beto met with Rosmary too. Pres. Beto was very impressed with her
and her interest in the gospel, and by the way, he is very hard to impress.
She has two kids, Alejandro and Alejandra, no joke. She also lives with her
boyfriend but he is almost always gone working. But they have been talking
about marriage and she said that she is interested in baptism. She really
is great and she learns really fast, which is honestly kind of hard to find

Yesterday in testimony meeting it started out great and everybody was
going up and sharing their testimonies, and then at quarter til 10 nobody
went up. We sat there for literally 7 minutes during which time nobody went
up, I kept track of time just to report this. We finished the meeting 10 or
more minutes early. I felt the spirit in that time, but I also felt
slightly awkward wondering if anyone would go next.

Next Wednesday we have changes. I'm almost positive that I'll be
transferred this time. I kind of hope so cause I want to know more of
Honduras. But it might turn out like last change where I was pretty sure I
would be going and I ended up staying. So maybe I will stay here
another change. You never really do know.

Thanks for the support from everyone!

Elder Stone

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Hey Everyone,

The owner of our house from Louisiana is back in town. He has a really
interesting story. He´s been coming to Honduras for 16 years for the
Episcopalian Church. One of the workers that he had a good relationship with,
died when she was 18 leaving a 2 yr old baby behind, so this man (Marvin)
volunteered to help raise him. The child still lives in Tegucigalpa, but he
is going to an Episcopalian high school and Marvin is sending him money all
the time. There is alot more to the story but I don´t think I´ll get into it all.
But he is really friendly. He invited us over for breakfast, and a nice hot
dog dinner. He loves to talk too. It´s been extra fun the last couple days
since he has been here.

The Elders quorum had an activity this week. We listened to Elder Holland
talk about the Sabbath Day, we played a quick game that just consisted of
tying knots in a rope and passing it, there were two ropes and the person
who ended up with both was eliminated. Then we finished off with baleadas
one of the best parts about Honduras. We also had three nonmembers show up,
it was really cool because they were invited by guys from our branch. Plus
we had a couple less actives come, which is always good.

We had a zone conference last week.  Three zones met together and we heard
some really good talks and inspiring words from the AP´s, Sister Hernandez
and President Hernandez. Plus we got to see a slide show of his life and family
which was a nice change. After that I was so motivated to go out and search for
those families that are searching for this gospel.

We might have to postpone Margarita´s baptism because she is going to
college and has a ton of homework, so we haven´t been able to teach her in
about a week. It´s pretty tough, but she still squeezed in an hour to go to
church, so I really do feel like she wants it. We´ll see how this week goes.

We also met a new lady named Rosemary. She seems really motivated and in
the second lesson she was saying that she wanted to be baptized. She does
live with her boyfriend though, so she said she was going to talk to him
about marriage. I´m really excited about her, but don´t think I´ll be here
to see her baptized.

Last Pday Elder Erickson from Mt. Pleasant and I were talking. The
whole landscape here is basically just like Spanish Fork Canyon. If you
want to know what it´s like in most of the areas here, just go up SF Canyon
and imagine houses made of adobe and a few coconut and banana trees and
that is basically the only difference.

That´s all for this week,
Elder Stone

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Hey everyone,

There was an earthquake here a week or two ago, but neither me nor
Elder Flores knew about it until we were talking with some members in
the branch. Apparently we slept right through it.

There have been sightings of a Boa down the street from us. We luckily
have not seen it yet, but from the sound of it, it´s a pretty big one.
So let´s hope we never run into it, especially not at night when we
can´t see it.

I saw a burned Book of Mormon in the road a week of go. I think that
is one of the saddest things I´ve ever seen. They are literally
burning up their chance in this life.

Our District President told us that the Temple in Tegucigalpa will not
be dedicated until November or December, so we´ve still got about a
year to wait. But they´ve already got the Angel Moroni up so it´s only
the interior they have to do now.

We had divisinos with the zone leaders. I went to the Villa with Elder
Villatoro. Right before lights out he got a call and got minichanged.
So we have a new zone leader, and I still haven´t met him.

Margarita is the aunt of Onny and we have been teaching her. She
accepted a baptismal date, so we are going to be working with her a
lot more.

Our other investigators lack progress. Ana won´t get married because
her boyfriend lives in Mexico and visits her every once in a while,
but she won´t dump him either. Victor relapsed with his alcohol, plus
is ¨wife¨ doesn´t want to officially be his wife even though they´ve
lived together for 14 years.

We're trying to find new investigators that have potential to progress.

Thanks for the support!
Elder Stone

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Hey everyone!  So there is a lot to catch up on.

Elder Chapman and I went on divisions recently and a random lady approached
us and first asked if we were some sort of doctors, because we´re both
white guys wearing white shirts, I don´t know. But then we told her we are
missionaries and she asked us to pray for her daughters to return to her
from the US and from Tegucigalpa. So we talked to her for awhile,
and tried to convince her to go to her house to pray. But she wouldn´t
have any of that, she wanted it right there in the middle of the street.
After about 5 minutes, with no success in moving from the street,
we decided to have the prayer there and then, luckily I don't think that
anyone noticed us.  It was funny how insistent she was.

In Zamorano there is a college, and every once in awhile there is a random
North American when we go there for Pdays. It is so fun to hear english
from everyday people ha. But I still need to work on approaching people that
speak english. For some reason I feel more comfortable trying to contact
in Spanish ha.
The people here wear a lot of clothing with english writing and sometimes
it turns out to be pretty funny. I saw a guy wearing a hat that said "The
Place for WOMEN to Work and Shop".  I´ve also seen a couple of  girls basketball
camp tshirts that guys have been wearing.

The people in my area are really nice. I hear at least one person a day say
¨God bless you¨ even though they don´t want anything to do with the mormons
they´re still really nice to us.  One time we were contacting a house, right when
the lady opened the door, she just said "no"  and started shutting the door in our
faces. Elder Lopez tried really hard to just talk with her about anything but she
wouldn´t listen to any of it. It was pretty funny, maybe you just had to be there!
Last week we were having a zone conference and some drunk walked into the
chapel talking about how we´re all equal and children of God. Apparently he
is pretty famous in Zamorano for interrupting church meetings
Finally I got to eat something unique, PIG SKIN SOUP. It wasn´t too bad either.
Everything is great!  I love the mission and I love being a Mormon!

Elder Stone

Monday, January 30, 2012

We had transfers this week! I´m still in Ojo de Agua, but I have a new
companion. His name is Elder Flores, he has 20 months in the mission.
He´s from El Salvador, and he was converted a year before he came out
on the mission. I think it will be great to have his perspective as a
missionary, because he already knows what it is like to be an
investigator. He has a lot of ideas, I hope they help out this area.

So we are low on progressing investigators. Everybody is willing to
listen, but nobody really seems interested in changing anything in
their lives. They´ve got their church a couple houses away, it
preaches about the same god, so why not go there.

Victor seems really motivated and interested, but we´ve been teaching
him for almost 4 weeks now and he hasn´t been to church once.
Ana has been to church twice, but she is never home, so we never have
the opportunity to teach her. But we did challenge her to be baptized
and she seems hesitant, so we are going to focus on her doubts.

Today we´re in Zamorano and we played soccer on a mini caged field. Of
the three months I´ve been here and have been playing soccer, today I got
my first goal.  Needless to say, I´m not very good at soccer yet.  But it´s
still fun.

That´s all for this week!
Elder Stone

Thursday, January 26, 2012

We had interviews with President Hernandez this week. He came to Ojo
de Agua and we spent a good chunk of the morning there. It was kind of
funny because the first interview of the day took at least an hour.
Then almost every one after that was about 10 minutes or less. Plus a
blow to my confidence, at the end of our interview he had me close
with a pray and as I was nearing the end I said "We give thee thanks
for thy son Jesus Christ" and President said "Amen" when really I was
going to say "and his atonement" but I guess I finished my prayer.

Yesterday I had to give my third talk in the Branch. I hate to give talks
in English, and now they want me to do it in Spanish. Plus they
tell me to take up 20 minutes.  I mean I know if I write it all out and
use the internet I can do it in English, but I neither have the
time nor the resources here, so they turn out to be 10 minutes tops.

We just started teaching the neighbor of Allan and Vanessa.  I kid you
not, he looks just like the Latin version of the old man from the movie "UP".
I really want to send pictures.  It is truly funny, and Elder Lopez and I laugh
about it almost every time we visit.

Thats all for this week, thanks for all the support.

Elder Stone

Monday, January 16, 2012

Hey Everyone!

This week I may have had the coolest baptism that I will have all my
mission. Allan and Vanessa were baptized Saturday. Not only did we
baptize a family, but we did it in a river! It was cool, Allan said he wanted
to follow more of the example of Christ. So Elder Lopez baptized Allan
and I baptized Vanessa. I´m still not very good at explaining the
procedure, so after stumbling through the prayer I was lowering her in, but
she didn´t close her mouth and started laughing, so right before I put
her under I had to stop. So we had to do it again, but the second time
the prayer went well and I lowered her into the water with her mouth
closed ha. It was also cool because we planned for 25 people and
exactly 25 came! Usually they only get about 8 at the baptisms, but
with the river being closer than driving all the way to the Villa SF
it was easier for everyone to attend.

We do have another perspective family. Victor is the father and he
seems really positive, but it´s really hard to get him to church. He
always says that he will attend, but he hasn´t the past two weeks.
His son, Ariel, comes everyone once in awhile with his member grandparents.
The problem with that is that his grandparents are less active members.
It will take some work. We´re always searching for families.

Nothing else this week.

Love ya!

Elder Stone
This week has been really interesting. I have visited almost the entire
zone and half of it this week alone. Tuesday I went on divisions to
Yuscaron for a couple of hours. That was a pretty cool experience, it looks
like a cool little town, but the attendence at church on the 25th was 7,
including the President and the two missionaries. On Thursday I went to the
Villa of San Francisco. Again the town seems like it would be pretty cool.
And then Friday I went to Zamorano. I don't care for it much, except they
do have a university there, so there are people from all over, including
some from the US.

Other than those exchanges nothing really happened this week. We received several
referals Saturday and Sunday but have yet to contact them. We have been
looking for families still. It's really hard because no one bothers to get
married. When we do find a family, then it will be so much better to teach them,
because they will support each other and are more likely to remain active.
I think we are going to start focusing on part member families.
Yesterday we had 71 members at church! That is the most we' ve had since
I've been here.  Plus one member brought her nonmember husband and another
her nonmember boyfriend. We are going to try to contact them and see if
we can help them out. This week is short.

Thanks for the support! Love ya!
Elder Stone

Happy New Years!

Happy New Years!

So this was a pretty interesting week. We are a couple of Mormon
Missionaries living in the rental home of an Episcopalian Pastor with
Evangelical neighbors. Every once in a while all the branches of the
Evangelical churches of Ojo de Agua get together and have some sort of
Stake Conference or something. And it turned out that this week our
neighbors got to host it. It is really interesting to listen to the
way they worship, but to each their own. The bad part of this is
that they didn't start until 8 at night and didn't end until about
Midnight. Needless to say we did not sleep very well.
Then the following day was New Years Eve. We started the next day as
usual, but when the night came we visited some members and we
celebrated up until 9:00 ish and then went home. I celebrated the new
year falling asleep around 10:30 ish and waking up at Midnight to the
thousands of firecrackers and fireworks going off in Ojo de Agua.
Boy I love our neighbors!
We had our dinner of the new year in the branch this week. We had a
really good turn out, too bad they basically only come for the food.
But we met about 3 new investigators which was really cool. I hope
that we will be able to continue meeting with them.
This week we also met a member of 16 years that has been
inactive for about 15 years. It's one of those sad situations where
once the missionaries left she didn't really have any support so she
just stopped going. But she was super welcoming and very nice and we
are going to see if we can help her get back to church.
Allan and Vanessa are still progressing. They both accepted the
baptismal date of January 14th, so hopefully all goes well and we are
able to help them in their eternal progression. We spent part of New
Years Eve with them, and we still continually visit them almost every
Even though yesterday was New Years Day we had a decent turn out for
church, granted we started 20 minutes late because at 9 we had about 7
members including us two missionaries and the branch president. But we
turned out to have about 38 members, a couple of less actives came and
we had 5 investigators.
That's it for this week!

Elder Stone